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Pokémon Black Elite Four Party Team?

I'm about to fight the Elite Four in Pokémon Black, but I'm not sure which pokémon I'm going to bring. I'm still training, and they'll all be over lv. 45 when I enter the Pokémon League (maybe even over 55, but we'll see). The ones I put the most effort into training is:

Dewott Lv. 49 (I love him too much the way he is to evolve him, but if I do evolve him, it won't be until after he's at lv. 52 because then he learns Hydro Pump. He wouldn't have learned that until he was at lv. 62 if he was a Samurott).

False Swipe (Changing it later)

Swords Dance


Aqua Tail (Should I change this for Hydro Pump? I don't want him to have more than two water attacks, it makes him less flexible)

Simisear Lv. 41

Flame Burst



Fire Blast

Carracosta Lv. 43


Ancient Power



Druddigon Lv. 38

Flash Cannon



Dragon Claw


I just caught a Heatmor at lv. 39 -- should I bring him? I mean, I already have a fire pokémon.

Fury Swipes


Flame Burst

Bug Bite

The same goes for my Deino at lv. 38.



Dragon Pulse

Work Up

I've also been training a Cubchoo for the last Gym. He's at lv. 35.

Icy Wind




And last, but not least, my Mienfoo at lv. 41. Think I should bring him?

Force Palm

Drain Punch

Jump Kick



So, whataya say? :) The first four I'm pretty sure I'm going to bring. Pretty sure. Any tips? Any pokémon you think I should catch? Or anyone on my list you don't think is a good idea that I bring?

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