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I’ve changed and I don’t like it...?

A few months ago I had my heart broken by one of my best friends, since then I don’t really feel like I’m the same person anymore. I don’t look at women the same anymore. I used to be interested in a woman that I felt like I could fall in love with, but now I don’t really care anymore. I just want sex; I know that’s normal, but with her that wasn’t my top priority at all. I just loved her and I would have waited forever to have sex with her, as long as I got to be with her I really wouldn’t have cared…

I don’t feel comfortable with thinking like this. Is it normal for this to happen after you get your heart broken? Am I just becoming more like a normal guy? I just feel like I’m becoming a horrible person…

I’m wondering if I just feel like this because I haven’t found anyone else that I would have normally been interested in. There is a girl that I know likes me but I feel like it would be wrong to go out with her while I feel like this.

Do you think I’ll ever stop feeling like this?

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