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Do you think my ex is still interested in me??

My ex-boyfriend and I had been going out for three months. We broke up three days ago, he initiated. I sent him messages today saying that I do still love him and I admitted that I did not show my contributions enough because I was previously hurt.

He messaged me online saying following things, do you guys think he is still interested in me?

1. He: We have talked about it before, and I think we are very different people. I do not tend to change you, and I do not want to change myself either.(seems not interested in getting back with me)

2. He: Do you agree with what I said?(about our differences and me of not contributing enough)

I: it is not gonna make any changes whether I agree or not, right? So not important anymore.

(I think I make a big difference, some online advice say: if you want to get your ex back, at least agree with what he says about the break-up)

3. He: I hope we can still be friends in the future

I: that is impossible, you know that.

He: sorry that I am not good at doing this, wasn't trying to make you feel bad.(was he trying to stay in contact in case he wants to get back?)

4. He: Have fun in China( I am a foreign student will spend my winter break at home), and let me know if you need a ride to the airport.

I: my friend will take me there, thanks anyway.

Am I not reading messages from him that he is giving chances to get back together? Or he just wanted to be polite and not want an ugly ending? Please advice.

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